Megan Guarnier makes the podium for Team USA (above). American Juniors Chloe Dygert wins two golds and Emma White wins two silver medals.
USA based Team BMC, with Taylor Phinney, win the team time trial. 
Ben King and Team USA kept the crowd excited with breakaway moves. 
Peter Sagan steals the show with his bold breakaway with 2K to go in the road race.
Fans came from all over the world to watch and cheer for all the cyclists. A reported 650,000 attended the nine days of racing events in Richmond. 
THE BITTERSWEET: Riding a practice lap with the pros...
A journalist sneaks onto the road race course, during the practice session of September 24th. He rides along with the pros, and gives us a cyclist's eye view of things.
Riding onto Monument Ave, being watched by J.E.B. Stuart on horseback. 
Making the hairpin turn at the Jefferson Davis Monument.
Being stopped by a Security Marshal.
No problem, I show my media credentials, and I get the thumbs up to proceed.
Kids waiting for High Fives from me and other cyclists. 
No less than five policemen at Main and 6th St, ready to stop any traffic from crossing my path.
A Team USA rider blasting past me as we pass the Virginia Retirement System, my former place of employment. 
Some of the pros flying by.
The best seat on the course, and it's pet friendly. 
Going up Libby Hill.
Getting passed on Libby Hill.
Almost at the top. 
Yeah, made it. Piece of cake. (NOT!) 
The view going up 23rd St, the steepest hill on the course. I'm huffing and puffing a lot, already. 
It's just not my day. I abort the climb about halfway up. My heart rate monitor shows 180 BPM - not unusual for me on a climb like this - but I wimp out this time. 
At least I can enjoy the great view from here, watching the pros ride up without much of a problem.
Don't they know this is supposed to be a steep hill?! 
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