We've wanted to do this trip for several years now, and we finally got the chance this year with Katie and Chip. Katie did all the planning and itinerary with a little input from the rest of us. 
This is a short video of part of our first fun activity in Anchorage, AK. We were supposed to fly over Prince William Sound this day (May 30) but Rust's Flying Service called us the night before and said that the forecast was for lots of clouds and fog in that area, so would we want to take an alternate trip to Denali National Park. So that's what we ended up doing. We flew from Lake Hood seaplane base in Anchorage, with our excellent pilot, Angel, who also flies bigger planes over at Alaska Airlines. It was about a 3 hour flight to get to the Mt. Denali area and back with one stop along the way.  Our plane was a six passenger Cessna 206 seaplane built in the 1980s, which Angel assured us was more reliable than the newer planes made today. 
See the photos and more info about this flight to Denali, and our other activities in Alaska.
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