Time-Lapse in the backyard, showing the morning glories opening, starting at 4:30 AM! I had to use artificial light because of how dark it was. 
The vines carrying the morning glories have used our tall rose bush and our fence to climb high.
The bees were in heaven with the nectar they got from all these flowers. I even saw a hummingbird swoop in and drink from a couple flowers. Unfortunately, it was when I didn't have a camera ready to shoot ):  
This is how one bee looked after gorging himself on many flowers. At least he's doing his part to spread the pollen. 
Partially closed on the vine with leaf. 
Nature's art 
In beautiful colors.
By 11:30 AM the flowers are mostly closed up tight. I didn't know it, but each flower only blooms once and then closes and shrivels up and dies. It is replaced by another flower the next day.
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