Yoko is an artist specializing in oil and acrylic painting, and also a writer. Stuart is a photographer, journalist, writer, and multimedia storyteller. Together they are an effective creative team.  
Stuart says, "I just have a passion for capturing time and space, and trying to express what the moment meant to me. It's a never ending process, and I try to enjoy the journey as I learn along the way. "
Stuart and Yoko enjoy interviewing people and writing profile articles that have been featured in local monthly publications. Scroll down to the "Commercial" link on the left, for specific work they have done.
If you are interested in any of the images on this site or would like to hire us for a photography, videography, or writing assignment, please let us know on the contact form. 
Also, make sure to see Yoko's personal painting site at YokoGushi.com (see links on left ). 
And finally, check out our latest postings of essays and other content on the AEI blog (link on left).
Thanks so much for your interest, 
Yoko & Stuart
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